Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Paperless dental office is much fun

We are paperless dental software developers
What we do is eliminate illegible paperwork and provide your clients with a fun interesting way to connect with your practice. When we are not working we like to surf the web, have fun and even more fun.

What Enlive Dental does?
Enlive Dental allows patients to check in for their appointment and fill out all the necessary information for their visit including check-ins, intake, consent forms and much more. Enlive Dental allows patients to connect with their dentist office’s online social media profiles. So they can ‘like”, “follow”, and “share” with their friends and family and give reviews and comments right from your waiting room.
·         Digitize dental forms
·         Integrate with most practice software
·         Automate your marketing automation

How it all works?

1)      Share any form directly to tablet or kiosk.
2)      Patient fills out and signs shared forms.
3)      Imports directly to practice software

Electronic patient records – digitize everything:
·         Check in
·         Medical history
·         Insurance forms
·         Consent forms
·         Treatment authorizations
·         Legal disclosures
·         Lab reports
·         Prescriptions
·         Vendor requests
·         Billing
·         Credit card authorization and much more

Contact us
23276 South Point Dr, #101
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Toll Free: 800-942-0375
Fax: 714-975-8467

Connect with us - we are paperless software developers for dental practice

Join our group to get more use and fun from your medical records.

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